Themed marketing campaigns for budgets large and small


A “Fly Above Fraud” theme using a drone giveaway and lots of promotional items created a buzz for CyberSource/Visa.



Decision Manager Workshop notebook and pen.


“Flight Training” – A twelve person motion theater with a custom flight simulator video and lots of accompanying merchandise drew a buzz at Synergy.



Motion theater, custom flight simulator video and swag created the buzz for the RSA trade show.

Brillio Career Faire at Rutgers University


Nordstrom & Mac Cosmetics Prom Makeover Promotion

While developing a plantable seed card of the month promotion for Nordstrom, I was introduced to the make-up buyer who could not get her current vendors to find a lighted make-up brush. Surprised and delighted that her vendor pool was unsuccessful, I made a phone call to a trusted supplier. Within two weeks of that visit I had received an order for 5,000 brushes. Upon receipt of the pre-production sample the order increased to 15,000 brushes. The brush was used by MAC cosmetics for a prom promotion to incentivize prom makeovers. We applied for and were awarded a patent for the lighted make-up brush.


Cisco Partner Summit

“Racing and Golf” simulators were the draw for the Channel Partner summit. Partners were encouraged to stamp their “licenses” to compete for Fastest Lap and Hole in One competitions.



NetApp NASCAR Tour

“Go further, Faster” utilized the Nascar simulator in a ninety day road show to promote partner awareness with NetApp partners Arrow and Avnet.



Reward and incentivize employees for an outstanding Q3 performance and keep the momentum going for Q4.
Using the NASCAR simulator as an employee volunteer opportunity to “drive” home the message with a food drive.




 “Go Hollywood” was the theme for the Channel Partner Conference, which included window decals, an overhead banner, and lots of promotional items culminating in a grand prize of $250 worth of movie gift cards.


American College of Surgeons

“Fastest Lap Competition” for Ingram One show utilizes a NASCAR simulator placed at the bottom of the escalator to capture leads, create a buzz and build awareness.



“Complimentary coffee for all” brings the engineers, marketing, HR and other departments to mingle together for two hours every morning for a week. Tea and hot chocolate were also offered.



“Fastest Lap Competition” for Ingram One show utilizes a NASCAR simulator placed at the bottom of the escalator to capture leads, create a buzz and build awareness.



NetApp Coffee Tour

“Coffee with NetApp” utilized a mobile barista cart to criss-cross around the country for four months to promote partner engagement with Arrow and Avnet.


Johnny Cat & Costco Promotion

While watching Steve change the cat litter box and noting their adorable mascot I wondered if the brand had ever considered a beanie version of Johnny. At 5:45 I called Clorox and asked the operator to transfer me to the JC product manager. Within two weeks I had a meeting with the brand manager who loved the idea and an order was placed for 50,000 beanies a week later to promote Floor Days in Northern California Costco stores.


Cisco’s “Field of Dreams”

“Field of Dreams” incentive campaign was designed to launch an e-tool with a multi- part direct mail campaign, competition, rewards contest and grand prize culminating in tickets to the World Series.