BehavioSec ID Forum Podcast

3 rules for building a successful podcast series

Executive Summary

Sweden-based startup, BehavioSec, found themselves impacted by COVID 19 while trying to build their United States customer base from scratch. They needed a way to continue the momentum initiated with demand generation and physical events.


Prior to March 2020, BehavioSec was participating in physical events, such as, RSA Conference, Gartner Identity Access Management, and NICE Actimize. These events provided new prospect contacts and a way to communicate with existing customers.

In March 2020, like every other company, physical events were no longer an option. This sudden and unexpected void was a major disruption and required immediate attention.

How Podcasts Helped

Working with our marketing team, BehavioSec concluded that Podcasts were a good way to replace marketing activity inhibited by COVID 19.

3 Rules We Followed

Here are the rules we put in place to ensure a successful Podcast launch:

1.  Make sure it sounds good
Although we inherited one podcast with marginal sound, we put together podcast kits to send out to speakers to create the best sound possible. Editing and mastering was done by experts with the best tools.

2.  Choose the best platform
After considerable research and interviews, we chose Simplecast. They had the best distribution and most modern dashboard. It makes a difference.

3.  Create good engaging trailers
We created both an MP3 trailer for our home page and main distribution and a short video trailer for our social channels.