Thanks for tapping!


Welcome to an innovative mechanism for delivering your message; the TapTee.

With a simple enablement from decorators, we can create an unlimited variety of applications for the TapTee.

Click here for a personal consultation on how we can best adapt for your specific needs and see below for some suggested ones.

Movie Studio: 

movie premier, presale tickets, red carpet event, merch store

Onsite Events: 

Schedule of events, map, photos from event, highlight special guests

Direct Mail: 

Invite to special event, teasers leading into the event and then photos after. Updates for new events


A few random shirts are winners, Willa Wonka Gold ticket if you will. New product launches

Employee Communications: 

Company store, highlight employee of the month or other awards, company events

Retail Promotions:

 Wear the shirt in on specific days and get discounts, free product, etc. Show specials, monthly calendar of events