“Fran is exceptional at promotional support. Her creative approach to positioning corporate activities for customers and employee events is outstanding and I highly recommend her.”

Brian Gillings
Trusted Business Advisor

“There are literally dozens of vendors who can sell you low-value giveaways…but most marketers want more: a partner who can come up with amazing experiences and incentives that integrate with important themes and drive results. That’s what I love about Emersing Media…we always do unique things people remember us for…on time and on budget.”
Cari Jaquet
Integrated Marketing Campaigns
Rimini Street

“There are two of me. One side is the eternal skeptic (doubting Thomas) and the other is the part that wants and needs to trust the people that I work with. The skeptic me is the door greeter for anything new. The trusting me kicks in only after time and proof. When I first approached Fran to help with a unique program I wanted to run with nVIDIA distributors in 2012, the skeptic asked a lot of questions. I needed someone to help manage a month-long gourmet coffee cart with creative gamification and educational components. Fran let me walk through the plan and “got it” immediately. We brainstormed lots of creative ideas and within a few days she had mapped out the requirements, budget, timeline, and contingencies. I no longer needed to worry about those aspects and the program was a success largely due to her diligence, creativity, and experience.

Later that year I began working for NetApp and dreamed up a country-wide version of this program for partners. My first conversation with Fran was to set budget and logistics aside and help me come up with something memorable and impactful. She again listened, brainstormed, and helped me develop a partner tour that included gamification (prizes) blended with social calls to action, educational tools (videos, banners, and print), in-person participation, and logistics for managing and supplying two tour teams over a period of several months. In the end, we had a 40:1 revenue impact with over 5.7 million social impressions. During my years at NetApp I used Fran exclusively for anything involving creativity or strong impact. I was never disappointed. At Veritas, I came to Fran asking how we could be top of mind at the large Ingram Micro One event for resellers. We had to stand out amungst hundreds of suppliers with a very limited budget. Fran suggested we use a NASCAR theme with a real NASCAR simulator vehicle. My skeptic said, “I don’t know,” but Fran helped me put together a cohesive and logical plan and she even helped me sell it to Ingram! Ingram was so excited that they gave us additional floor space to accommodate the car. In the end, we were the hit of the show – literally.

I now work at Visa and just finished a very successful Airline Travel and Payment Summit in Miami – and – you guessed it – did it with a lot of help and creative ideas from Fran. So when the next idea, event, emergency, or opportunity comes up, the trusting me will say “Hey Fran, what if we …….”
Tom Stoneman
B2B Marketing Program Management
CyberSource / VISA

“I have worked with many vendors in marketing the past 25 years, but Fran holds a unique place based on her cross-pollination of experience in sales and promotion. Her creative and colorful personality adds the extra kick needed for out-of-the-box thinking and she’s always willing to take the time needed to do research. She provides a fresh perspective on ideas that we often miss working from the inside.”
Margaret Hughes
Sr Director America Field and Channel Marketing
Dell Client Computing

“It’s a pleasure working with Fran. She is very creative, knowledgeable, dependable and works extremely hard to ensure excellence in customer service.”
Sandeep Jain